Programme Overview

School of History and Archaeology

Faculty of Philosophy

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

MA in Archaeology, Art, and Culture

The MA in Archaeology, Art, and Culture offered by the School of History and Archaeology within the Faculty of Philosophy at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki aims to specialize students in the field of Archaeology, with a particular focus on cultural change and art spanning from prehistory to the post-Byzantine period. Additionally, the programme strives to acquaint MA students with new techniques for analyzing and interpreting archaeological materials, thereby equipping them with knowledge and skills essential for their future research endeavors and professional careers. The learning outcomes and qualifications for those who successfully complete the MA in Archaeology, Art, and Culture are as follows: (a) proficiency in employing theoretical and methodological tools within the realms of archaeological science, art history, and cultural history; (b) familiarity with the latest research findings and interdisciplinary approaches encompassing related humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences; (c) comprehension of the methodologies involved in conducting and writing a research paper within one of the specializations offered by the MA programme.

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